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Custom Pile Weatherstrip

Explore our extensive collection of pile weatherstrips and weatherseals designed for doors and windows. With a diverse selection of sizes, shapes, and materials, finding the perfect fit for your needs is effortless. Browse online today and discover the ideal solution for your sealing requirements.

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General Applications For Pile Weatherstrip

Pile weatherstrips for doors and windows are commonly used in various locations to provide effective sealing and insulation.
Some typical applications include:Sliding Doors and Windows,Garage Doors,Utility Rooms,Exterior Doors,Aluminum Windows etc

General Hot Selling Products

Pile weatherstripping comes in various sizes, shapes,and materials, Daoseal Popular Pile Weatherstrip include Zipper pile,Extrude Base Pile, Kerf Pile weatherstrip, Diamond (Square) base pile,Silicon wool pile weather, Adhesive Pile Weatherstrip etc 

Zipper pile

Zipper Pile Weatherstrip

Zipper pile weatherstrip, also known as zip pile weatherstripping, is a type of weather seal used in windows and sliding doors to prevent air leakage and improve energy efficiency. It is characterized by its unique “zipper” design that allows for easy installation into the weatherstrip channel. Here are three key features of zipper pile weatherstrip

-Extrusion base(American Style) pile
Extrude base pile weatherstrip

Extrude Base Pile Weatherstrip

Extruded base pile weatherstrip refers to a type of weatherstripping that combines a pile (or brush-like) material with an extruded base, typically made from vinyl or other synthetic materials, designed to seal gaps in windows and doors against air and water infiltration. Here are three distinctive features of extruded base pile weatherstrip:

Kerf-Inserted Pile Weatherstrip C

Kerf Pile weatherstrip

Kerf pile weatherstrip refers to a specific type of weatherstripping used to seal gaps around doors and windows, enhancing energy efficiency by preventing drafts. This weatherstripping consists of a pile or dense brush material mounted on a kerfed (notched) base that can be fitted into a groove or slot—referred to as a “kerf”—cut into the door or window frame.

The pile material compresses when the door or window is closed, forming a tight seal that blocks air flow. Kerf pile weatherstripping is popular because it provides an effective seal without significantly increasing the force required to open or close the door or window. It’s also relatively easy to install and replace, making it a practical choice for both new construction and retrofit applications.

Want to Custom Pile weathrerstrip?

There are many popular Daosela Pile weatherstrip items in this catalog, you can leave us you email here and our experienced engineer will contact with you within 24 hours.

Production Facilities For Pile Weatherstrip

Do you know? It seems relatively ordinary door and window furring production process is more complex, to go through the weaving, slitting, backing melting, film insertion and so on more than ten processes, can you imagine if you want to run a factory to produce door and window furring, how much equipment you will need it?

You will need 4 kinds of machines  The warping machine    CNC The weaving machine   Coating line machine    Automatic rolling package machine

Wraping machine

Warping machine

Warping machines are used for warping all kinds of fine yarns and adjusting the yarn tension. It is suitable for warping of warp beams of tapestry weaving machines. It winds cotton yarns, chemical fiber filaments, twisted filaments and low elasticity yarns on the warp beams for tapestry weaving machines. .

Pile weatherstrip weaving machine

Weaving Machine

The weaving machine is used to produce pile weather strips. The pile height is 3-15mm(6-30mm before cutting) The strip widthis3.8-145mm. One weaving machine can get max 104pcs of pile weather strips.

Coating line

Coating line machine

The coating line is composed of the follwing three machine hauling machine, stripping machine with racks. The whole coating line only need one worke for operaton, this highly saves the employee cost and enhances the work efficiency.

Automatic rolling package machine

Automatic rolling package machine

Working voltage 220V, one touch screen with Chinese and English version, control multiple actions required for coiling, 4-axis coiling machine. Control panel, install 4 buttons (start, stop, reset, cylinder opening and closing), With 4 servo motor controllers, responsible for their actions, With a torque controller to control the feeding tension, the tightness meets the requirements.

pile weatherstrip fin sealing machine

The fin sealing machine

Fin Sealing Machine The sealing machine is to make fins into the pile weather strips in order to strengthen the water-proof,dust-proof andwind-proof performance.The sealing machine is equipped with the ultrasonic generator,which transmits the power toseal the PP film into the pile weather strips.The non-woven fabric also can be sealed into the pile weather strips,helpsto increase the pile density,reduce noise,reducing the friction and achieve better sealing effect.Fin material:polypropylene film,non-woven fabric

Adhesive sealing machine

Adhesive sealing machine

Working voltage: 380 V, motor power: 0.4 KW. tie the double-sided tape to the back of the plain top. Add double-sided film material on the back of ordinary top. Suitable for the installation of non-slotted profiles in the secondary sealing of wooden furniture, sliding doors, closet doors and windows. Double-sided adhesive material can be selected: environmental protection hot melt foam cotton adhesive

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

Seeking an effortless way to buy and receive pile weatherstrip? We know that the task of sourcing pile weatherstrip internationally can seem overwhelming. That’s precisely why we’ve simplified the entire process for you, ensuring a smooth and straightforward experience. Follow these easy steps to get started:

Step 1: Choose your right Pile Weahterstrip (3-7 days)

Choosing the appropriate weather stripping (also referred to as door and window seals) is essential for enhancing the energy efficiency and comfort of your NEED Within a timeframe of 3-7 days, we recommend considering the specific type of weather stripping required and determining the precise size needed. Our team of experts will evaluate your specific needs, applying their extensive knowledge to design tailored, high-efficiency solutions. This ensures you receive the exact pile weatherstrip solution you're looking for, optimizing your home's insulation and energy performance.


Step 2: Sample (7-14 days)

Once you've determined the specific seal strip you require, we dedicate 7 days to prepare a sample for you. After the sample is ready, it will be dispatched to you via express delivery for your confirmation. Typically, you will receive the sample within 7-15 days. Upon reviewing the sample's quality, please provide us with your confirmation as soon as possible to proceed with the next steps.

Step 3: Bulk Manufacturing (15-20 days)

We offer a diverse range of 20 to 30 types of pile weather strips, catering to a wide array of needs and specifications.With standard order delivery times spanning just 15 to 20 days, ensuring we can meet your demands promptly and efficiently. Our flexibility extends to OEM and ODM services, welcoming custom designs to meet your unique requirements.


Step 4: Shipping (25-30 days)

We place a high priority on punctual delivery, guaranteeing our clients receive their orders on time, every time. Our robust distribution network allows us to efficiently serve clients across the globe. With a typical delivery timeframe of just 25-30 days, we ensure rapid and dependable service directly to your office via UPS. There's no need for you to do anything—simply await our prompt delivery at your convenience.

After service

Step 5: After Service

Top sales professionals, skilled in communication, ensure seamless interaction with the factory, making the process effortlessly understandable. Benefit from expert guidance at every stage to maintain superior quality of pile weatherstrip. Reach out for reliable and smooth support, Rely on our commitment to providing outstanding after-sales assistance, propelling your operations to new heights.

Do you need a Chinese manufacturer?

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The Basic Knowledge About Pile Weatherstrip

Explore essential Door and Window Pile weatherstrip insights! Unlock the secret to elevated home comfort and energy savings with our advanced Door and Window Weatherstripping solutions.Explore our range to find the ideal fit for any home improvement project.
Elevate your offerings and delight your customers with the latest in weatherstripping technology.

A Brief Self-Nomination​, Why Choose Daoseal?

For over two decades, DAOSEAL has stood as a dependable partner in the architectural and construction industries, especially for those in need of advanced door and window insulation technologies aimed at energy conservation, noise reduction, and comprehensive all-weather protection. Our commitment to utilizing advanced materials and precision engineering in the  our products ensures compliance with international standards.

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Our relentless pursuit of quality and personalized service has solidified our position as a trusted collaborator in the field of door and window weatherstripping manufacturing. Here are the reasons why global enterprises trust DAOSEAL:

  1. DAOSEAL delivers innovative insulation solutions, focusing on energy efficiency and environmental protection to match modern architecture’s evolving demands.
  2. DAOSEAL specializes in tailored solutions, working closely with clients to create bespoke products that meet their unique project requirements.
  3. At DAOSEAL, quality assurance is guaranteed, with our products subjected to stringent testing to meet the highest standards.
  4. DAOSEAL provides expert support, offering guidance through selection, customization, and installation to ensure client satisfaction and project success.

Choosing DAOSEAL means partnering with a leader in innovative, sustainable door and window solutions, trusted by global enterprises for architectural and construction excellence.

Clients Lover

Collaborating with DAOSEAL enhanced our projects' energy efficiency and sustainability. Their understanding of modern architecture and commitment to quality and innovation make them a key partner in our success.
Adam Sendler
DAOSEAL transformed our building design with superior insulation, durability, and aesthetics. Their expert support and customized solutions explain their global trust in construction and architecture.
Mila Kunis
DAOSEAL's exceptional service, from selection to installation, met our needs precisely. Their commitment to sustainability and quality mirrors our vision, significantly impacting our project success.
Mike Sendler

The FAQs About Pile Weatherstrip

As a manufacturer of window and door pile weather strips, especially for foreign importers, Daoseal understand the concerns you may have, and I hope that the following FAQ section will provide key information and address important aspects of your concerns.

Our door and window weatherstrips are highly durable, designed to last for years under normal use conditions.The specific lifespan can vary based on environmental factors but typically ranges from 5 to 10 years.

We ensure our products’ sealing and soundproofing effectiveness through rigorous testing.
Our weatherstrips are designed to fit snugly, preventing air leaks and reducing noise transmission effectively.

Our weatherstrips are primarily made from Polypropylene (PP) bulked yarn,
known for its environmental friendliness and absence of harmful substances.

The PP material is eco-friendly and does not release any harmful substances,
ensuring safety for both users and the environment.


Yes, we can customize the size and shape of the weatherstrip according to customer requirements.

The price varies depending on the specifications and quantity ordered. We can provide a detailed quote upon request

We accept several payment methods, including T/T and L/C. Typically,
we require a 30% deposit with the balance due upon shipment.

The minimum order quantity depends on the product model but is typically around 10000 meters.

Standard orders are usually delivered within 15-30 days, depending on the order size and customization requirements.

We offer various shipping options, including FOB, CIF, and DAP.
Shipping costs will be calculated based on the chosen method and destination.

Standard orders are usually delivered within 15-30 days, depending on the order size and customization requirements.

Our products come with a quality guarantee. If any quality issues arise, we offer prompt after-sales service,
including replacements or refunds as appropriate.

We handle returns and exchanges on a case-by-case basis, ensuring customer satisfaction with our solutions.

We have successfully cooperated with numerous international clients and can share case studies and testimonials.

Yes, we have a dedicated sales team focused on the international market, experienced in addressing the unique needs of our global clients.

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