Foam Caulk Saver Backer Rod ISL-02

Foam Caulk Saver Backer Rod ISL-02


Gap Filling Epe Foam Closed Cell Backer Rod  weatherstrip poly foam caulk saver


Additional information



Water absorption


Temperature range



20 to 50%



Chemical resistance

Excellent against Acids, Alkali & Solvent

Product Details

Product description

Backer rods are ideal,compressible and flexible backup PE foam products that are used to fill joints. People often use mortar, sealant or chinking around them to finish filling and create an airtight and watertight seal.

They are non-absorbent and will resist oil, gasoline and most other sealants. They are compatible with most cold-applied sealants. Backer rods are used in tiling, flooring, decorative wall paneling, window sealing, stonework and counter steps.

Installation Guides

Proper size selection is important, as it controls the depth of the sealant bead.It must be oversized(20-50%) to fit tightly into the joint, and function as a bondbreaker to prevent bottom-side adhesion of the sealant.

 Product Applications

Joint filler for pre-fabricated houses, tunnels, carports, subways, bridges and other concrete structures.
Seam coupler for water supply and sewerage pipes Window and Sash frames
Liquid reservoirs and swimming pools  Window sash frames

caulk saver application

Product show

caulk saver ISL-02E


        3/8″ diam. x 20 ft     3/4″ diam. x 20 ft        1/2″ diam. x 250 ft  1-1/4″ diam. x 400 ft
        1/2″ diam. x 20 ft        1″ diam. x 20 ft         5/8″ diam. x 150 ft   1-1/2″ diam. x 396 ft
        5/8″ diam. x 20 ft      3/8″ diam. x 350 ft         1″ diam.x 600 ft    2″ diam.x 220 ft


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