Epdm Foam rubber seal

Epdm Foam rubber seal


Self-adhesive EPDM Doors and Windows Foam Seal Strip Soundproofing Collision Avoidance Rubber Weatherstrip

Additional information


Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer (EPDM Rubber)


Custom Shape


Usually black or Custom


Vulcanization+ Microwave+ extrusion

Usage Temperature



40-85 Shore A

Tear Strength

>12 KN/M

Product Details

Epdm Foam rubber seal  is made of low-density EPDM sponge rubber with yellow self-adhesive tapeincluding D, E, P, l, and waterproof door seals are often used to seal Windows.Soft texture and flexible, with good scalability, light weight and smooth surface.

Excellentself- adhesive backing.The goodelasticity/ fexibilitly and anti-defomation.  Easyto instal ,decorative, seals firmly,excellentwearable. Environmentally friendly, no bad smel   and no ham to human.

Excellentweather ability, ant- agingresistance, anti-weather, antiozdoorframe rubber seal, anti-wearing
resistance and chemical resistance.04/.Excellent sealing perfomance,
shock-proof, heatinsulation and soundinsulation perfomance, Stops heat, cold,draughts, dust, insects, noise and rain.


Epdm Foam Seal A from Daoseal


packing A from daoseal


Epdm Foam Seal d

Epdm Foam Seal c


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