Wool Pile Weathersrip

Wool Pile Weathersrip


 Self-Adhesive Pile Weatherstrip for Windows & Doors

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Polypropylene, Polyvinyl chloride


White, Grey, Black, Brown, etc, customized


anti-dust, anti-insect, water-proof, noise resistant, wind-proof


aluminum window and door, plastic steel window and door, glass door and window


Height of pile: 3-18mm, width of backplane: 4-50mm, thickness of back plane: 0.5-0.7


Flexible, Foam and Density, waterproof

Product Details

The woil Pile weatherstrip  is made of high-quality atactic polypropylene, with siliconized polypropylene fibre and polypropylene film synthesis, unique design, is applied to doors, windows, furniture, vacuum cleaners and other sealed high-grade products.

Product Features:
1.The wool is treated with special technology and has good recovery function
2.Action:water-proof,dust-proof and weather –proof ,wind-proof,insert-proof,keep good indoor
3.High elasticity and high density, wear resistance
4.Smooth installation and smooth opening
5.Exclusive packaging to protect the nap
Elastic brush weather strip (normal) will make it dust proof, Insect-proof
+ UV will make it dust proof, Insect-proof, oxidation resistant, will increase it lifetime.
+ Silicone will make it dust proof, Insect-proof, waterproof
+ PVC fin will make it dust proof, Insect-proof, good sealing performance
+ non-woven fabric fin will make it dust proof, Insect-proof, noise proof
+ self adhesive is used on wooden doors or windows and doors which without slots, because it has glue
on the back

pile weatherstrip E (1)

pile weatherstrip D (1)

pile weatherstrip F (1)

pile weatherstrip G (1)



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