Wool Pile Weathersrip

Wool Pile Weathersrip

Pile weather strips are made of 100% polypropylene yarn, usually used for aluminum windows and doors , etc. They are against water, noise and bad temperature,

Additional information


Polypropylene, Polyvinyl chloride


White, Grey, Black, Brown, etc, customized


anti-dust, anti-insect, water-proof, noise resistant, wind-proof


aluminum window and door, plastic steel window and door, glass door and window


Height of pile: 3-18mm, width of backplane: 4-50mm, thickness of back plane: 0.5-0.7


Flexible, Foam and Density, waterproof

Product Details

The wool Pile weatherstrip  is made of high-quality atactic polypropylene, with siliconized polypropylene fibre and polypropylene film synthesis, unique design, is applied to doors, windows, furniture, vacuum cleaners and other sealed high-grade products.

Pile weatherstrip pws-047

Our weather strip have good performance in resisting air, dust, insect and noise. We are always using 100% pure virgin PP(polypropylene) to ensure the quality of it. It is easy and durable in using. We provide service to print your logo and label on the carton and package.Various sizes, color ,packing are available and can be made according to customer’s request.

Product function & Scope of application

Pile weatherstriop is Soundproofing, windproof, dustproof, weatherproof and insect resistance.High tolerance, can be warped without distortion, durable and flexible.High density felt, soft and no harm to your hand. Fine and closely woven£¬less lint, can stand wear and tearAnti-dust, wind, cold, rain and noise, anti-mosquito, anti-impact, anti-ultraviolet Application

Pile weatherstriop Widely used in aluminum alloy doors and windows, mosquito screen doors and windows, doors and windows to spring, shutter doors, plastic doors and windows, stainless steel doors and so on. It is  DIY products, there is no fixed mehod ofuse. Where can be affoxced seal where you canfeel free to ship

                                           Install Meathod and Step     

Pile weatherstrip pws-046

Pile Weatherstrip Specification

 Pile weatherstrip specification

pile weatherstrip G (1)

Different type of Pile Weatherstrip

According to the function and requirements  Daoseal have the following type of Pile weather strip Silicon Pile Weather strip, Adhesive Pile Weather Strip, and  Fin Pile Weather Strip

 Fin Pile weatherstrip pws-013A

Scilione Pile weatherstrip pws-048

Adhesive Pile weatherstrip pws-031A

Daoseal manufacturer of wool pile weather stripping for doors and windows,including silicone pile strip,weatherstrip with fin, Self-adhesive weather strip,non-silicone wool pile. Different Fin fabric, Various sizes, heights, backing widths and thicknesses available

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