Mastering the Machinery: Navigating the Complex World of Pile Weatherstrip Manufacturing

Wraping machine

With advancements in technology and growing environmental awareness,the significance of pile weatherstrips in modern architecture has become undeniable. These components are pivotal for waterproofing, air-tightness, and even sound and thermal insulation, contributing extensively to energy conservation and environmental protection. Consequently, the demand for door and window pile weatherstrips has surged, presenting numerous business opportunities. However, the manufacturing process of […]

What is a wool pile weatherstrip?

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What is a wool pile weatherstrip? The wool pile weatherstrip is made of high-quality atactic polypropylene, with siliconized polypropylene fibre and polypropylene film synthesis, unique design, is applied to doors, windows, furniture, vacuum cleaners and other sealed high-grade products. What is the function of pile weatherstrip? The wool pile weatherstrip plays an important role in water […]