Windows Insulation Kit



This crystal clear window insulation film will save your home heating bills in the winter weather and help increase energy efficiency by keeping the warm in and the cold out.

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Windows insulation kit

Offering considerate care for our home in winter.  Daoseal window insulation film is quite easy to install, and saves energy.

  • Material: transparent polyester, High quality and transparent shrink film Single layer and double layers sets available.
  • Fuction: Lowers heating costs and saves energy
  • Tools Needed: A blow dryer which enables you to remove the wrinkles
  • Precautions:
    For indoor use only
    For use on: Painted wood/Varnished wood, Aluminum, or vinyl clad framer
    It is not recommended for use on plaster, drywall/wallboard, unfinished or unvarnished wood though

Product Details

This insulated installation kit can maintain internal heat and block the freezing principle, preventing condensation and frost accumulation, thus saving energy and reducing the cost of heating the home.

Crystal transparent material: made of transparent chemical material, this transparent shell seals the cracks and creases on the window well when it is protected from wind and rain, without sacrificing the beautiful outdoor landscape, just like an extra wind window.

High quality adhesive film: This kit contains 2 rolls of mounting adhesive tape to ensure that the film adheres tightly to the window frame. In addition, the adhesive tape is transparent, suitable for window frames of different colors, and will not remain on the window frame when removed.

Simple and quick installation: it is very convenient to install the window sealing film. you only need to use the tools we provide, cut the film and stick it on the window, then blow it open with your hair dryer to make the film tight and wrinkle-free.

The kit is Included: (1)film sheet, (2) 1 roll of Double sided tape Enough film to cover 1 standard size window  

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how to use window insulation kit

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