TPE Rubber Strip Seal

TPE Rubber Strip Seal


Dustproof Soundproof weather gasket TPE PVC rubber sealing strips for wooden door fram

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Grey,black,white,brown etc. Or customized

Size and shapes

Customized according to your drawings


Plastic steel window and alumium windows,cabinet doors

Product Details

Long-life TPE / TPV rubber strip sliding glass door seal is installed indoors, windows shield groove of the door and windows frame to reduce shock, dustproof, sound insulation, stop the air movement and provide energy-saving properties.


1. High quality PVC material, normally can use about 5-8 years.
2. Good resilience, aging resistance and collision resistance.
3. Good flexibility in the low temperature.
4. Each Kg is about 20-30 Meters, depend on the size and shape.

Tpe Rubber seal D

Tpe Rubber seal C from Daoseal


Tpe Rubber seal A from Daoseal


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