Soundproof Aluminum foil ISL-015

Soundproof Aluminum foil ISL-015

Insulation Foam Tube,  Soundproof Cotton, Sound-Absorbing Cotton with Aluminum Film Water Pipe Wrap

Additional information


Rubber and plastic

Insulation cotton thickness:

20mm thickeness

Temp. Range

-160 Degrees to 200 Degrees

Main use:

heat insulation / insulation / antifreeze / flame retardant / waterproof / easy to install

Product Details

Housing water pipe flow down to the tee elbow horizontal pipe, produced Intense vibration, resulting in high-decibel noise.Strict selection of sound insulation cotton material effective sound insulation Sound insulation cotton plays a sound-absorbing sound insulation effect Sound-proof, no more sewer noise. Easy to install: Insulation cotton with self-adhesive aluminum foil design, simple cutting and installation, self-sealing design, easy to use

– Reducing vibrations and rattles.
– Blocking unwanted ambient wind, road noise and engine noise.
– Acting as a thermal insulation in dissipating heat and keeping your car cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
– Heavier and higher quality composition than competitors.



Soundproof Aluminum foil ISL-015B




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