Fiberglass Pipe Insulation ISL-010

Fiberglass Pipe Insulation ISL-010

Thick, Hinged with Self Sealing Lap Fiberglass Pipe Insulation

Additional information

Lower Temperature Rating

0 degrees_fahrenheit


For hot and cold service piping in cylindrical form with white all

Density ranges

from 60kg/m3 to 96kg/m3.

Insulation Body Material



As your request

Product Details

Glass wool pipe insulation is for hot and cold pipes in one metre length. It is designed to fit pipes of external diameter of 12.7mm to 355mm(O.D.) with insulation thickness of 19mm to 100mm while other sizes are available upon request. Density ranges from 60kg/m3 to 96kg/m3. Pipes are split longitudinally to provide ease of installation. 

For application where vapour barrier are needed, pipes faced with


  •  Excellent thermal performance; 
  • Easy to handle and fabricate; 
  • Low cost installation;
  • Good compressive strength; 
  • Non combustible; 
  • Vapor Retarder Jacket


Fiberglass Pipe Insulation with jacket ISL-010B

Fiberglass Pipe Insulation with jacket ISL-010A




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