Air conditioner insulating seal AC-011

Air conditioner insulating seal AC-011

Window Insulation Air Conditioner Seal Shock-Absorbing Weather Proof Foam Tape

Additional information


PVC Foam

Release liner

Blue Release Film/Paper


20, 25, 50,100ft 6.1, 7.6, 15.2,30.5m

Thickness(in) (mm)

1.6, 3.2, 4.8, 6.4, 7.9, 9.5, 12.7m

Adhesive Type

Hot Melt, Pressure Sensitive, Water Activated

Product Details

Window Insulation Air Conditioner Seal Shock-Absorbing Weather Proof Foam Tape

Product introduction

Thermal Insulation Adhesive PVC Foam Tape is s made by 300-350kg density PVC foam. The foam sealant combines a closed-cell polyvinyl chloride foam substrate with a pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides.

Product feature

1.Strong adhesion, excellent shock absorption and crack resistance, sound absorption, and thermal insulation;

2.Good isolation and buffering performance, no water absorption, good shockproof effect;

3.Excellent fire resistance, heat and flame retardant effect, good mechanical strength and electrical insulation;

4.High tensile strength, good elongation, good adaptability to base expansion or cracking deformation;

5.Good stain resistance, easy to clean, special UV treatment, corrosion resistance;

Product application

It is used for flexible connection of building, household, decoration and so on, and is also the best choice of window glass assembly, which is loved by people in developed countries in Europe and America.


Air conditoner insulating seal AC-011L


Air conditoner insulating seal AC-011F

Air conditoner insulating seal AC-011G


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