Window AC Foam Filter AC-07

Window AC Foam Filter AC-07

High density air filter foam for Window AC


Additional information


Pu Foam


24 x 15 x 0.25 inches


Black, Color Black can be customized


Mildew-proof,filter,dustproof,dedusting,and absorption and last long.

Hole Diameter

10ppi:4~5mm 15ppi:4mm 20ppi:3.5mm 25ppi:3mm 30ppi:2~3mm 35ppi:1~1.5mm 40ppi:0.5~1mm 60ppi:0.1~0.3mm

Product Details

Be made of  Polyurethane Foam, High porosity, the opening rate can reach 99%,

good breathability and high mechanical strength; good flexibility, strong tension, fast dust filtrate

speed and high dust filtrate rate, low resistance, chemical function is good. It can be cleaned after

washing the effect do not degrade.

Air conditioner filter AC--07C



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