Why window conditioner popular in the world

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In china  Our families generally use split type air conditioners. Window air conditioners are   unfamiliar to us, and not many people use them.But why are window air conditioners installed in  other countries? That’s because the window air conditioner has lower installation requirements during installation, and the technical requirements are not high. The operation is simple […]

Faucet Covers: How to Prevent Outside Faucets from Freezing in Winter

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        Image by G J Whitby from Pixabay Are you checking the weather and realizing it’s time to winterize your outdoor pipes and fittings? One low-cost yet effective option is to use foam faucet covers or faucet socks over your taps. The damage caused by a frozen pipe can be quite a surprise […]

When and How to Change Your Window Air Conditioner Filter

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                                                   Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay Poor indoor air quality can have negative effects on your health. A report from the United States Environmental Protection Agency highlights this. There are steps you […]

AC Cover Guide: Why Use an Air Conditioner Cover (Plus, How to Pick One)


Your AC unit protects you from the sweltering heat of summer. But, what can you do to protect it so that it keeps working in good condition? Regularly changing the air conditioner filter is one thing you probably already do. Another thing you can do is to get an air conditioner cover – for both […]