Why window conditioner popular in the world

In china  Our families generally use split type air conditioners. Window air conditioners are   unfamiliar to us, and not many people use them.But why are window air conditioners installed in  other countries? That’s because the window air conditioner has lower installation requirements during installation, and the technical requirements are not high. The operation is simple and fast, and the cost is of course the first choice.

For example, in America,  Window air conditioners are very suitable for apartments.   Old-fashioned ones are generally window air conditioners.

1.  Window Air conditioner is easy to move, carry and install. There are many renters in the United States, and they often leave with their own air conditioners, move them, install them, and unload them.

2. Many American windows are also suitable for window air conditioners. Up and down, just stuck. This should be compatible with each other, in short it is very convenient.

 3. The vertical cabinet air conditioner needs to be punched, which is not suitable for renting. Many houses have a lot of requirements, and no nails can hang on the wall, let alone punch a hole in the fist. How to explain to the landlord

4. Many American houses are made of wood. This is my speculation, I suspect that the host may not be able to hang outside, and the load-bearing capacity is limited.

Disadvantages of window air conditioners

Although window air conditioner is very popular, but it also have the following disadvantages

1. Affect lighting: Window air conditioning will affect the lighting in the room

2. The noise is relatively loud: Since the compressor and fan of the window air conditioner are not completely isolated from the room, noise can be clearly felt indoors. Therefore, if it is in the bedroom, please use low-power air conditioners as much as possible.

Daoseal Window air conditioner  accessories 

When we use window air conditioner, we need some accessories to improve efficiency.

1. Daoseal air conditioner cover: waterproof effect.Easy to use, washable and durable. Protect the AC unit to keep from UV and rust.

2.Daoseal air conditioner weathterseal: Air conditioning duct insulation

3) Daoseal Air conditioner filter: Eco-friendly, Non-toxic materials, UL, RoHS certified;

4) Daoseal air conditioner side panel:  Environmental friendly, Flexible shutter for air-condition use, to protect the A/C