What is an  Intumescent Strip 

What is an  Intumescent Strip   

Intumescent Strips, mainly used in steel doors and wooden doors and door frame, between the door and door. When a fire occurs, the expansion seal automatically expands, sealing the door gap, blocking the air circulation between the two spaces, effectively preventing the early fire smoke, toxic gas and hot gas harm to the human body and control the spread of the fire. The sealing strip can be glued in the slot of the fire door (self-adhesive has been pasted), and can also be fixed in the slot of the fire door by small nails.

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 Why is the  Intumescent Strip  important 

Intumescent Strips are installed at home  

Prevent the big problem before it happens


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The number of people is choked to death by smoke in the fire was 4-5 times that of those who burned. In some fires, many people who were “burned to death” were actually suffocated by smoke poisoning and then burned by fire.

The leading cause of death from smoke is carbon monoxide poisoning, Carbon monoxide is released when building materials are burned. Two or three breaths will render you unconscious, and it kills you in 13 minutes.

Tens of thousands of fires have broken out across the world, causing thousands of casualties and property loss.

when a fire happens, the smoke can spreads 5 times quicker than the fire. Smoke can form ablaze within 2 minutes when the temperature is extremely high, and can also be a threat to people who are far away. Some years ago a fire Happened in a high building. Although the fire only reached 5 floors, some people on the 21 floors died of suffocation due to the rising smoke.

All the accidents happened in the “impossible to happen, absolutely no problem” concept! – A piece of small preventive equipment, Intumescent Strips can bring you a-life of happiness!

Intumescent Strips are mainly used in steel doors and wooden doors and door frames, between the door and door. In case of fire, the fire sealing strip expands rapidly in case of an open fire, blocking the gap and blocking the air circulation between the two spaces, effectively preventing the harm of toxic gas and hot gas from early fire and controlling the spread of fire. Glue the fire-proof strip into the groove of the fire-proof seam,small nails can also be used to fix in the fire door groove

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The fire-proof Strip automatically expands to seal the gap of the door and block the air circulation between the two gaps,

prevent early smoke, TOXIC GAS ON THE HUMAN BODY HARM! Fire-proof sound insulation, fire-proof smoke-proof

  • The hard fire-proof sealing strip
  • Colour: Brown
  • Material: PVC, density expanded graphite, flame retardant, sodium silicate
  • Features: fire-proof, smoke-proof, flame-retardant, sealed
  • Scope: suitable for all kinds of door and window crevices
  • Function: anti-impact, easy to clean, acid and Alkali Resistance, anti-corrosion,
  • strong cold and heat resistance, toughness, long life!
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why chose Intumescent Strip from Daoseal?

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