Self Adhesive Wool Pile Weatherstripping 

Self Adhesive Wool Pile Weatherstripping from daoseal
  •  This weather seal is suitable for domestic and commercial doors or windows

  • Strip Brush can be mounted on escalator, elevator, door frame, door bottom, server rack cabinet, raised access floor, desk, table, dock leveler, etc

  • The Plush Brush type Weather Seal is a Self-adhesive surface mounted weather seal made of a flexible extrusion of nylon brush material.

  • The installation is simple and does not require the door to be removed. Location: Door and Window jambs. 

  • Sealing Gap: 3mm – 5mm Product Length: 6 Metres (can be cut to desired length). 

  •  Surface must be smooth, clean, flat and dry. Seal Material: Nylon Brush (Grey)

Multiple Models for Chosen

Self Adhesive Wool Pile Weatherstripping H from daoseal
elf Adhesive Wool Pile Weatherstripping I
Self Adhesive Wool Pile Weatherstripping B

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Self Adhesive Wool Pile Weatherstripping C from daoseal

 Weatherstrip Application

 How to install the weatherstrip

Installation from Daoseal

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