Twin Draft Guard TDG-002

Twin Draft Guard TDG-002

Twin draft guard door draft stopper door stops door dust stopper

 1. Stop the door closed.

 2. Stop the wind through the door.

3. DIY cut the foam sticker according to the size of door.

Easy to install, can be used on doors and windows
Doube-side for maximum protection
Reduces heating and cooling costs
Also reduces, dust, and odors
Removable and washable cove
Can be used on interior and exterior doors
Color : Coffee

Additional information




Door bottom or sliding door edge


Length: 30-36 inches, diameter 1.9 inch


Polyester + EPE

Product Details

Door draft guard  is designed to hug a door or window from both sides to block drafts and retain room temperature

  • Adjust to fit any door or window.
  • Use on interior and exterior doors
  • Guard against drafts, dust, odors, insects & noise
  • Double sided for double protection.
  • Easy to install and stays in place, no need to reposition
  • Saves energy by preventing cold drafts
  • Can be used on interior and exterior doors of all types
  • Rests against the bottom of doors to seal out chilly drafts
  • Filled with shape-retaining latex foam
  • Twin draft guard TDG-002E

win draft guard TDG-002F

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