Silicone Rubber Door Sealing PDBB-016

Silicone Rubber Door Sealing PDBB-016

Self adhesive door bottom seal strip silicone rubber under door sweep draft stopper

Additional information


Silicone rubber


Black,gray,white,blue,green,brown,transparent etc.


65+/-5 shore A


2" / 50mm

Product Details

The corrugated sealing strip was made by the silicone rubber, flexible and durable. The corrugated with the groove and double layer design makes the strip more sealed, durable, and not easy to deformed

Perfect for using on interior or exterior doors and windows. Double sided for maximum protection,easy to use.

Reduces heating,cooling costs,even reduce dust and odors It can save your energy.It is very soft,economical


door bottom seal PDBB-016L

practical.door bottom seal PDBB-016M



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