Automatic Drop Seal ADB-007

Automatic Drop Seal ADB-007

Heavy Duty Door Bottom Aluminum Seals Automatically lift Weather Stripping apply to the door with the half side groove or without groove

Additional information


Acoustic seal for door bottom


Door bottom or sliding door edge


Aluminum alloy frame + silicone sealing strip + 304 stainless steel accessories

Seal Matrial

Silicon rubber or EDDM seal


Aluminum, Dark Bronze Anodized, custom powder coated finishes upon request.

Min/Max Gap Size


Standard Lengths

800mm 915MM 1000MM ,Can be cut according Customer

Available Cut Length

800-650mm 915mm-800mm 1000mm-800mm

Product Details

Automatic Drop Seal ADB-007 Is apply to the door with the half side groove or without groove, It may require removal of door if the door does not have cut out.

This product surface is matte silvery white aluminum alloy profile, after hard anodizing treatment, sealing material is silicone rubber. It is easy to install on the  door.

When the door is closed, the door frame squeezes the adjusting stainless steel screw to make the sealing strip move downward to close the gap at the bottom of the door.

As long as the door open a few millimeters, the seal will automatically lift off the ground, does not hinder the door open and close, will not wear the ground.

The utility model can effectively block the functions of mosquitoes, flies, reptiles, air-conditioner leakage, noise pollution, wind dust, etc. . Installation of a flat rear door appearance without any impact

Automatic Drop Seal ADB-007(c)1

Automatic Door Bottom ADB-007H


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