Aluminum Door Strip Brush ADBB-008

Aluminum Door Strip Brush ADBB-008

The Door Seal is a Surface mounted sweep type made of a Aluminum extrusion and   Strip Brush

Additional information


Door bottom or sliding door edge

Installation Method

Self-Adhesive tape on back for direct

Standard Lengths

800mm 915MM 1000MM ,Can be cut according Customer

Sealing Gap

13mm – 35mm




Aluminum alloy frame + Strip brush

Product Details

Energy loss through the bottom of doors is the most commonly addressed area to improve your home or building’s seal. Sweeps are installed on the face of the door so that a seal is formed when the door is closed. These products are easily installed and need to be regularly replaced to ensure the building is insulated. Our Products offers a number of different finishes and technologies to best suit your individual home sealing application.

Improve the energy efficiency of your home
Easy to install  Available in a variety of finishes to match your door
Aluminum finish  Different specification of strip brush

Aluminum Door Strip Brush ADBB-008c

Aluminum Door Strip Brush ADBB-008a

Aluminum Door Strip Brush ADBB-008b

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