Adhesive intumescent fire seal AIFS-001

Adhesive intumescent fire seal AIFS-001

Fireproof door seal flexible intumescent fire seal strips with adhesive tape

Additional information


Graphite Mixture


10*2, 15*2, 20*2, 30*2, 50*2 or as your request

Expansion ratio

3-5/10/15/20/25 times


Between door and frame


Common flat type


Fireproof seal for door and windows


Black, Red or as your request

Product Details

Adhesive intumescent fireproof door rubber seal strip is an ideal fireproof component for construction. It’s widely used for fireproof seal of all kinds of fire rated steel doors and fire rated wooden doors. also can be used as fireproof components of the vehicles and ships.

When there is a fire, the flexible intumescent fire seal strip will expand rapidly without incineration and seal the crack between the door leaf and its frame, cut off the air circulation between the two spaces.

Early effectively prevent the fire smoke, toxic gas and heat which are harmful to human’s body and control the fire spread.

Fire seal product show

Fire seal quality show

Fire seal application





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