Epdm Foam rubber seal

Epdm Foam Seal from daoseal
  • Adhesive Epdm foam rubber seal strip/door&window seal strip/rubber strip

  • Multiple models available: Type E,P,D, colors: gray,brown, white,black

  • No adhesive is required, glass fiber bottom, firm adhesion, convenient installation

  • Effectively insulating the sound,blocking the dust,preventing from collision and smoker

  • Weather resistance, temperature resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, electrical insulation, elasticity, long life

Multiple Models for Chosen

Epdm Foam Seal A from DaosealEpdm Foam Seal B

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EPDM Seal Application from Daoseal


installation from daoseal

Product Packing

packing A from daoseal
Epdm Packing from Daoseal

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