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  Caulk saver is used as a backing for caulk when filling joints and cracks. It works with other types of self-leveling filling material, as well. It is a very practical item to have for professional use and for DIY tasks. What Is Caulk Saver? Caulk saver is a non-absorbent, round, polyethylene foam rod used to […]

How to Use Rope Caulk – A Good Way to Seal Cracks and Openings

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Are you looking for a quick and easy way to stop drafts coming through cracks under a window? How about sealing openings and gaps to keep out pesky insects? The answer might just be rope caulk – sometimes called caulking cord. It is a type of caulking sold in a long, thin, round form to […]

How to Weatherstrip Windows and The Best Weatherstrip to Use

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Is the cost of heating your home in winter sending a cold shiver down your spine? Weatherizing your home could be the answer. There are many weatherization methods to choose from. An easy and often low-cost one is to weatherstrip windows.  This article takes a close look at window weatherstripping. It covers where and how to […]