Strip Brush

Strip Brush


The strip  brush body is made of ordinary, galvanized, stainless steel. The material of the pile can be very diverse from natural bristles to steel wire .

Additional information


Aluminium/stainless steel base PA,PP,PE,Nylon filament

Brush Color

Black,Bronzed,Brown,Champagne,Coffee,Golden Yellow,Silvery,W

Product Length

915mm,1000mm or applicable size

Brush Function

Cleaning .Flame-retardant,Polishing.Gringding.

Bristle Shape

Straight , Crimped

Product Details

Strip brush is widely applied in all kinds of automatic doors, Windows and doors, revolving door, sliding door, the elevator on the seal, and dusting, prevent the dust into the inside, as well as large industrial machinery cleaning, glass edge grinding machine, agricultural water seal, wind turbines, combine the internal storage cover seal and article washing machine brush, the brush is indispensable to modern industrial equipment small accessories. 

  • Reduce air infiltration as much as 40% as compared to rubber seals. Proven to be 98.5 % effective!
  • The brush design forms a solid wall of thousands of filaments for a complete weather tight seal.
  • Conforms to irregular surfaces without impairing operation of the door, rack cabinet, escalator etc
  • Will not crack or deform even at 70F degrees below zero.
  • Independent tests prove over million operations without degradation.
  • Provide an effective airflow sealing solution, manage air temperatures,It is the best way to keep heat in and rain, snow, wind,   debris, insects and rodents from penetrating the perimeter of your door,   etc.

                                                                         Strip Brush Application

Strip Brush Appliaction

                                                                         How To Choose Strip Brush

how to choose Strip Brush
Strip Brush B from Daoseal

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