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Fin pile weatherstrip FPW-019

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Ningbo Daoseal  Co., Ltd is one of the Top 3  Door seal manufacturer in China, with 15 years of door seal manufacturer experience. There are about 35 workers in Daoseal, Workshop 800 square metres.

Daoseal main products are  Wool pile Weatherstripping, Automatic drop seal Intumescent fire Seal etc

Professional Pile Weatherstrip Factory. Lowest Wholesale Price, quality warranty. 15 years experience, Innovative solutions, Skill work team, Fast Customization Available

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Fin pile weatherstrip FPW-005

Fin Weatherseal

Finned weatherseals have the structural integrity and consistency which assures a tight seal and barrier against air and water infiltration。

Silicone weatherseal

Silicone Weatherseals  will reduce air and water infiltration. It will also more effectively reduce noise from outside the home.

silicone pile weather strip SPW-005

Back Adhersive Weatherseal

The back of Self-adhesive weatherstrip is added with environment-friendly hot melt adhesive, PE foam tape or 3M tape,can support DIY scene application,

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