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Kerf-Inserted Pile Weatherstrip

Fin Pile weatherstrip pws-004

Fin Pile Weatherstrip

Wool Pile Weatherstrip

Anti-age Seal Wool Pile Strip

Self adhesive Pile Weatherstrip

Silicon wool pile weather

Silicon wool pile weather

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High Efficiency

Our monthly output is 10,000,000mts Sample available in 1-7 days Normal order delivery time is only 15-30 days.

Favorable Price

Bulk order needs and stable supply guaranteed by professional manufacturing process, make it possible for our lower price.

Innovative Technology:

We've harnessed the latest in technological advancements to deliver a product that's not only effective but also revolutionary

Quality Service

Trust us to provide you with the highest level of customer service giving you peace of mind and saving you time and money.

Production workflow

Trusted by Experts: Our product is endorsed by industry experts and professionals, adding credibility to its effectiveness.

QC Steps

1. 100% Raw ntateri-als incoming test 2. Semi-finished product test 3. finished producttest 

What Our Customer Say

I imported  Pile Weatherstrip  from Daoseal so many times, very fast shipping, good and accurate product, all work very good, we
will certainly buy Pile Weatherstrip from Daoseal products again!

Mario Bruck

CEO, Marco Industries

My Name is Dennis, Since 2016 I buy Pile Weatherstrip   from daoseal.Our Choice is Smart, Daoseal  Pile Weatherstrip  is suitable for Europe Market and give benefit for both of our side. 

Dennis Henry

Dennis Henry

Buyer, Foland Group

I’m an engineer from USA,            We are professional  Pile weatherstrip  factory, we have twenty years of coperating history with Daoseal, Their work is always high efficiency


Carlos Flores

Engineer, EURO Trade

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